Richard Foster, Sr.; Elizabeth "Mother Goose" Vergoose and 2 others; Deborah Foster and Mary Phillip-Smith (Foster) less The area and people known as Bracewell ended up as victims of the Norman Conquest and were dispossed by William LeTempest who was granted the Saxon Manor "Bracewell" for loyalty to William the Conquerer. Naylor & Etta evently settled in Henderson County, N.C. and Grt Grandmother Virginia lived there with them until her death. the Pee Dee River Port of Old Sneedsboro. On a chilly morning during his visit, Ben Raines took Foster and several Clotilda descendants, along with Kamau Sadiki of Slave Wrecks Project, up the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta to the remote site of the sunken Clotilda. along the South Branch of The Yakin River. We hear how he longed for his mother, and that even as an old man he still reached for her in his dreams. Foster Fenealogy: Being a Record of the Posterity of Reginald Foster, an Early Inhabitant of Ipswich in New England, Whose Genealogy is Traced Back to Anacher, Great Forrester of Flanders, Who Died in 837 A.D., with Wills, Inventories, Biographical Sketches, Etc. The Immigrant's Parentswere married in England. It has a preface of ix pages and the body of the text runs to 181 pages including the index. DOC CALEB DAVIS b: 15 OCT 1853 in RUSSELL CO VC m: ELIZABETH "BETSY" DAVIS b: 1857 in RUSSELL CO VA married : Noah D. Kernan JESSEE b, HANNAH DAVIS b: 1 FEB 1860 in COPPER RIDGE RUSSELL CO VA m: William M. "Bill" ADDISON b: 16 MAR 1855 in Copper Ridge, Russell Co., VA, JAMES A DAVIS b: 6 FEB 1865 in VA m: Laura E. B. JESSEE b: 1870 in , Russell Co., VA, HUGH CAMPBELL DAVIS b: 26 APR 1867 in VIRGINIA m: Mary Casly STROUTH b: 3 NOV 1875, Lucy B. DAVIS b: 16 NOV 1865 in ,Russell Co.,VA m: James B. . In the Name of God Amen, I ROBERT BRACEWELL beinge very weake & sicke of Body but of perfectt memorie, doe make this my last Will & Testament, Revockeinge all former Wills whatsoever, Imprimis I bequeath my Soule into the hands of my Redeemer, who gave it mee, And my body unto the ground from whence it came to be decently buried, And for those Temporall goods God hath given mee I dispose of them in manner as followeth, I give unto my daughter JANE STOCKES her Children, three cowes, To REBECCA WEST my daughter one Cowe & Calfe And one Cowe & Calfe to the next child she shall have, And the rest of all my Estate unto my two sonns ROBERT and RICHARD whome I make my full & sole executors of this my Will, and the mill I desire shalbe finisht, with what speed may bee And to be lett out, only reservinge corne for themselves, and the p.duce of the Mill to be equally divided betweene them both, And reserved to build a new mill hereafter And when built to be left wholly to my sonne RICHARD Likewise I give Seaven hundred Acres of land, where I now live and sixe hundred Acres att the Western Branch of Nancemond County To be equally divided betweene my two sonnes Robert and Richard Likewise it is my desire that noe part or parcell of the estate shalbe disposed of, nor none of the land, untill they both are of full Age, nor no wayes divided But if it shall please God that either of them shall depart this life before he comes of Age, That then the Survivor shall enjoye the whole Likewise I give unto my Servant ELIZABETH HALL when she shalbe free one heiffer of two yeares of Age And likewise it is my desire That my Loveinge friends MR: RICHARD IZARD And GEORGE GWILLIM to be Guardians unto my Children in the time of theire Minoritie, And to see this my Will performed Likewise I give unto the said RICHARD IZARD & GEORGE GWILLIM, ffortie shillings to each of them, to buy them each one ringe, Likewise I Give unto my Daughter ANN BAGNALL one Cowe & Calfe And one Cowe & calfe to her first Child, if it please God she have any, And likewise it is my desire that my two sonnes, ROBERT & RICHARD shalbe putt to schoole untill they cann both write & read And this beinge my Will I testifie it with my hand this, In Wittness of ROB: BRACELL. This high-profile support ensures the film will reach national and international audiences. WebCaptain William Foster commanded the boat and was later said to be working for Timothy Meaher, a white Mobile shipyard owner who built the Clotilde. Pittsylvania County, VA & Caswell Co NC is where my Foster Family & Lay ancestors met after John moved from Colonial New England after or during the the Revolution ( Conn.> Colonial Va.> North Carolina ). ************************************************************************************************************************************************* ON LINE Family Wills:,,, Descendants of Sir John Shelton (Knight) Joe Payne made a mistake / error When he left off Roderick and SarahBriggs Shelton son Roderick b: abt 1798 who married Rachel Moore **** It was Mr. Paynes report of William D Fanklin as a son of Mary Stevens Franklin by Roderick Shelton. ( ii )RACHEL RATLIFF b: 14 SEP 1813 in ANSON CO NC d: 4 MAR 1878 m: Benjamin SMITH b: 6 SEP 1802 in Anson Co.,NC, They later moved South from Anson Co to Tippah Co.,MISS .in 1853, ( iii ) WILLIAM FRANCIS RATLIFF b: 1814 in ANSON CO NC( My Grt Grt Grandfather ) he married Mary Jane Hinson daughter of Elijah Clay Hinson,, ( iv )WINIFERD RATLIFF b: 26 MAR 1816 in ANSON CO NCd: 29 MAY 1878Prentiss , MS Jan 1833m: Thomas SMITH, JR. b: 28 MAR 1813 in Anson County, NC d: 22 MAY 1889 in Prentiss County, MS, Married: 1 JUN 1833 in Anson Co.,NC later moved to PRENTISS CO Mississippi. My Ancestors are listed in the Famly pages of the Davie County Heritage Book: Zimmerman family (report 1117) is listed on page 358, ******************************************************************************************************************. We put the mates and crew on steamer and sent them to Montgomery on their way to the northern states. As the,,, Family Genealogy Pages of William LFoster,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The Jarvis Family & Other Relatives of Historic Old Salem NC,,,, Foy Braswell has a good reference WEB site for our family! In the heat and humidity of a lush Lower Alabama summer, filmmaker Margaret Brown and her crew canvas the streets of Africatown searching for the right shot. This Tucker line moved west where Aaronis found 1850 Adams,Madison , then 1860 West Locust,Sullivan Co,MO - age 48 married to Nancy Rachel HODSON b: 6 NOV 1813 in Rown Co NC . But these efforts have not come without continued trouble. Shethen taught for 37 years in the South Carolina and North Carolina Schools. Captain William Foster son Sarah Smith daughter Jane Ledbrooke daughter Hopestill Foster daughter About Rev. Researching the Braswell Family connection recieved alot of help from my distant Cousin Guy E Braswell a Braswell Genealogist before he passed in 2002. They were the parents of at least 8 sons and 4 daughters. Descendants of the enslaved Africans on the Clotilda should receive some form of reparation. The story of the 110 enslaved Africans aboard the Clotilda, the last known slave ship to come to the United States, is an ideal case study for H.R. along with the related Families back to General John Sevier . Around March 1860, Foster set sail for Africa. The name Tilman is used by this Foster Family line and also the Family line of Robert Foster. ***Other Moravian related families I'm linked to are Heidelberg / Friedburg Community Families. She was born 1848, and died WFT Est. His pension, W4888, application was made October 11, 1832 in Anson County, North Carolina. He was wounded at Gaines' Mill,VA. When the ship was found it gave the community a way to validate the stories theyd been telling among themselves for generations, Brown adds. m: Nannie Wilson Henderson Bailey Forrest 1919 . It appears in the Magna Carta on the second or third line where the important officials are named. Living nearby were Robert Foster , 45+, Thomas Foster, 26-43, Alsey Foster, James' widow, 45+, Samuel Foster's widow, 26-45, and Elizabeth Foster, 26-45. We have different groups in Africatown paddling in different directions, so were standing still, says Cleon Jones, Africatown activist and former Major League Baseball outfielder. After investing inagood software program for genealogy research and documenting I found several GENEALOGY WEB SITE providers that allowed me to list my family research. If your a Foster / Forster Male I hope you test with the project to compare your results to my markers to help clear up alot of Questions. All are buried in Hendersonville. They had to be hidden under the cover of night as US Marshals searchedfor the slaves as evidence against Meaher. Much prayer was employed, both privately and publickly, by the good people here, for the redemption of that gentleman; but we were at last informed that the bloody prince in whose dominions he was now a slave, was resolved that in his life time no prisoner should be released; and so the distressed friends of this prisoner now concluded "our hope is lost!" He returned home November, 1673. [move?] # 6th.GENERATION : RICHARD BRASWELL III ( 1704-1767 ) m: ELIZABETH BRYANT. Jesse and Minnick Family Members married Thomas Jefferson Davis & Sarah Combs Children:, 8th.GENERATION : RICHARD BRASWELL V (1755-1839) m: PENELOPE BLOW b: 27 OCT 1761 in WAYNE CO NC & they moved to Anson Co.N.C. . Son of Rev. When he balked at the request, the group collectively saved money and purchased the land from Meaher, establishing a community they called Africatown. During the 1200s we know Surnames were not Common and at the time of the Magna Carta 1215 many family genealogist claim We Fosters -Forsters - Foresters recieved our Surname in the first line of the Magna Carta's Preamble ( I quote below text of the Magna Carta found @ TheYale Law School Web Site Brenda's Grt Grandparents ! for, Roster of 31st Regiment,- Co. B, 31st Regt. Eleanorwas first married to Edward Hall and William & Eleanor were allowed to live on the Hall families Estate until her Death. GENERATION: (Our Immigrant )ROBERT BRACEWELL 1611-1668 m: REBECCA ISARD (IZARD) THEY LIVED IN COLONIAL ISLE OF WIGHT VIRGINIA COLONY .Rev Robert Bracewell was christened 13 Oct 1611at St Andrew Holborn. 11th.GENERATION : HIRAM EUGENE BRASWELL (1876 -1952 )m: 06 Nov 1907 SUSAN ELIZABETH RATCLIFF ( : 1887-1972 )Both born -Lived - Died in Anson Co N.C. This iswhere and how he met & married Sarah Lay in Caswell Co ( She was the daughter of Obediah Lay and Granddaughter of John & Martha Slade Lay). From looks like Prilaboy or Pritaboy, but theres nothing by that name that I know of; the only thing close is Petit Bois Pass/Petit Bois Island in Mississippi] channel into lake Pontchartrain, and anchored off Point of Pines Grand Bay, Miss. Descendants still hold tax records proving these land purchases. He is buried @ North Primative Baptist Cemetery Mocksville, Davie Co.,N.C. John Dabney, Timothy Meaher, and Brynes Meaher were all charged for crimes committed. Fosters account of the Clotilda voyage and notes accompanying it (with suggestions in [italics]), by ( Edgecombe Co., NC Deed Book 2-88; Deed Book C, p. 379). 3 bbls Sugar, 25 bbls Flour, 4 bbl Bread, 4 bbl Molasses, 25 Boxes dry goods and sundries, 125 casks water, and nine thousand ($9,000) dollars in gold; 9 men fore the mast, first and second mates and myself made 12 in all on board. Later after the death of Tilman Francis married widower John Banks and they lived briefly in the Jerusalem area of Davie Cobeforethey moved to Gibson County, Tennessee, Grt Grt Grt Grandmother Fannie Tucker Foster Banks was buried 1874 far away from her first husband Tilman & their children who where buried at Fork Baptist Church. Also carried away boat Davits half the steering wheel, and split the Rudder head in three pieces. Tax lists for 1815, 1843, and 1847 show his ownership of 102 acres. It could not find a publisher in its day because it was written in Lewiss vernacular and prominently discussed the enslavement of Africans by other Africans, both unpopular at the time. 15th: anchored 1 miles from the shore; at 4 p.m. a boat boarded us the same evening to know our business. WebWhen Rev Isaac Foster was born in 1649, in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut Colony, British Colonial America, his father, Captain William Foster, was 31 and his mother, Ann Brackenbury, was 21. The estate appraised on 11 May 1668 by Gyles Driver, Benjamin Beall, Robert Coleman and Francis Ayres included 63 head of livestock, a servant boy, a library valued at 500 pounds of tobacco, a sloop, silverware, and cattle at William West's and Mr. Robert Stokes's plantations. Sir ThomasForster Knight of Etherston Castle & Joan De Elmedon had a son Thomas FORSTER born in , Etherstone, England who married Elizabeth FEATHERSTONE born in Stanhope Hall, Durham, England . Many descendants of Lewis still reside in Africatown, a neighborhood of Mobile, Alabama. Five years after first setting foot on Alabama soil, the Africans of the Clotilda were emancipated at the end of the Civil War. The documentary focuses on the descendants of the Clotilda slave ship, whose ancestors were smuggled from Africa to Mobile in 1859, despite the international slave trade being outlawed in 1808. My Fosters , Orrell , Ratcliff and Braswell Families started out in the 1600s under this flag below to the new world ! My Next Ratliff Generation is My Grt Grt Grandfather William (b:1814-d: bef 1873) who married Mary Henson ( b:1814-d:aft 1873 her father wasElijah Clay Hinson / Henson. 16th, Two day[sic] later came to anchor in Porto Praya [Praia], Cape De V. While running to land at Togo 8 a.m., we sighted a Portuguese Man of War running for us; we changed course to get away from her, not wishing to be boarded so early on the voyage, as he would follow us for capture. This property was in a community with other Foster Families near the Forks of the Yadkin River and Daniel Boone's father Squire Boone's property where Daniel developed his skills. He kept raising the fare, and they never accumulated enough money to pay for their voyage. As a model, the community looks to the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery. 1678 and married a Mr. Murphy; Valentine, thought to have been named for hi s mother's family; Ann Bracewell, b.c. council estates in haringey, washington state housing finance commission payoff, shelby county alabama property tax exemption for seniors,
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